Luxury Boat Charters is one of Dubai’s newest entrances in the world of ultra Luxury Cruising. We have taken the time to observe what’s on offer and ensure that we go above and beyond any of the existing suppliers to make Luxury Boats Charters the best there is in the UAE.

Not only do we have an extensive knowledge of the industry, we are also well versed in the location, climate and Business affairs. We cater for everyone, whether you are looking for a unique venue for your next Christmas party, or an incredibly private way of seeing Dubai and its surrounds.

Everyone's heart desires a different experience and we have ensure that we are equipped to make your every fantasy come true. We can arrange pickup and drop offs, DJ’s, Hotesses, Red carpets, live bands, On board Chefs and private security. If you don’t see it listed on our site, we can still do it all you need to do is outline your dream and we will make it a reality.

In the world of instant gratification and online fame, we take privacy very seriously, so whether you’re an online sensation and want to tweet, blog or post about your next adventure, or you’re a high profile Business man looking for a private getaway, we can make sure everything looks and feels exactly how you need it to.