Don’t take the bus, it’s very 1970’s.

Seeing more of the world no longer means sore feet, cramped conditions and frequent stops. Choose your own path and cruise there in your own time.

Walk onto your very own luxury yacht and start to explore. There is plenty to see in Dubai, but firstly take in your surroundings with our fully refurbished super yacht. You no longer have to travel the way the brochure says, you can now travel like a star and see Dubai's fascinating landscape form the water.

Map your journey and let us sail the seas to new Countries, bright shores and all the world has to offer. Sit back and enjoy the voyage while we take you to places you’ve never seen, help you experience the unforgettable and get you home again in luxury and style.

Whether you have an hour, a day or a weekend, we can make your sightseeing experience an unforgettable journey of luxury, leisure and relaxation.

To book your next sightseeing adventure touch base with us via our online form and we'll talk to soon.


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